New Location Available: Amsterdam

We are happy to announce the opening of a new location in Amsterdam, Netherlands. We are aware of the fact that this long waited location is often the most popular one among VPN European users. Therefore, it was important for us to find the right partner to handle an expecting growth, and to deploy the servers as soon as possible.

New edgy special hardware, a Supermicro MicroCloud server, has been used for the deployment. This particular server system is composed of 12 modular compact units called nodes, which can be turned on or off on demand. It means that we are ready to scale this location on the fly, without the need to physically go installing new servers. Also, this location is ready to take the relay in case of a major event on our Swedish infrastructure.

As with other locations, we did not lease servers, or even worse, rented virtual servers. We bought servers and switches, then some members of AzireVPN's staff traveled abroad to install the hardware themselves ensuring a complete mastering of the procedure for security and quality reasons, without any involved third party.

This new location is deployed using pairs of shared and public IP addresses. It means that IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are always using the same mode: either a pair of shared IPv4/IPv6 addresses or a pair of public IPv4/IPv6 addresses. Shared IP addresses are available on both WireGuard® and OpenVPN, while public IP addresses are available on OpenVPN.

We use the network upstream and hosting services of Blix Solutions, which is the same company hosting and connecting our servers to the Internet in London, United Kingdom.

The SOCKS5 proxy is delayed a bit, but it will eventually be available later, and expected to be used without authentication like on other locations.