New Pricing Announcement

After 10 years we have officially changed our pricing in an effort to offset the rising operational costs and infrastructure development.

No existing customers will be affected by the change in pricing. Ever.

If you were with us during the past 10 years of service, then we thank you for trusting us for so long with your privacy and security online. As a 'thank you!', we will not be changing the pricing for users who have activated a subscription prior to 2022-10-24.

(Meaning, if you subscribed before October 24th, 2022 - the price you paid will be the same for as long as you are an AzireVPN subscriber. For example, if you paid 3.25 € per month before October 24th, 2022, you will only ever pay 3.25 € per month for the rest of your life.)

Improved Infrastructure

As mentioned, we have been working tirelessly on improving the level of service here at AzireVPN through increased servers and locations around the world in safe locations. We have also been working on improving service delivery and scope through our applications and in the future - new features.

Your privacy is our utmost concern and we are continuing to work on providing the best experience possible.

In the coming weeks we will be adding 6 new locations (12 servers) to our existing server list. We have listened to many of you about which locations are needed most and will be doing our best to implement those requests.

Our Continued Commitment to Privacy

We began AzireVPN with the core principle that everyone deserves privacy, and we have not changed that once in our 10 years of operations. We do not rent servers. We do not collect personal information. We do not work with third-party agencies or governments. Nor will we.

If you are looking for a VPN service that truly values your privacy online - AzireVPN is here for you.

We hope you will continue to choose AzireVPN into the next 10 years and we will continue to provide unwavering privacy through our VPN service.

Thank you.

Team AzireVPN

As always, if you have any questions or comments - please join us on Matrix!

Privacy For All