Purple Post 14 - December

IPv6 hostnames

Until now, our WireGuard endpoints were only reachable through IPv4. Because of stability issues, we were not able to propose hostnames reachable through both IPv4 and IPv6. A fair part of our users now has an IPv6 native connectivity so it was a logical step to take. As a result, we created and tested IPv6 WireGuard endpoint hostnames. AzireVPN has at heart to be IPv6 compatible wherever possible as it is the future of the Internet.

Eventually, IPv4-only websites can be reached and IPv4 packets will be routed into the IPv6 tunnel. Use these hostnames in your WireGuard configuration files if you prefer to use your native IPv6 connectivity to reach our endpoints. A dedicated option will be added on our WireGuard configuration files generator soon to let you choose easily.

  • Canada - Toronto: ca1.ipv6.azirevpn.net
  • Spain - Málaga: es1.ipv6.azirevpn.net
  • Sweden - Stockholm: se1.ipv6.azirevpn.net
  • United Kingdom - London: uk1.ipv6.azirevpn.net
  • United States - Miami: us1.ipv6.azirevpn.net

New hardware

Our stock of backup hardware which is used in new locations and in current location in case of hardware failure is beginning to run low so a batch of shining new hardware has been ordered and is expected to be delivered in a few weeks.

Some of our locations already has fallback servers in place, but it is always a good idea to have some stock just in case. The quality of the service is one of the key points of AzireVPN’s DNA and it is taken very seriously.


This location may be postponed due to the high cost of setting up servers there. We are still weighing if it is the right path to take right now.

Nevertheless, we are working hard to give our customers a new location but we are unsure if it will be Switzerland or another country, as of right now.

Warrant Canary

Our warrant canary has been updated and can be found here.