Purple Post 9 - June

Try WireGuard on macOS

WireGuard is now working on macOS and you can install it with brew, a guide has been published and you can find it here.

Keep in mind that it is still in BETA and should only be used for testing! Try it out and inform the developers if you stumble upon a bug so that the application can be improved.

WireGuard is still free to use, for now

We get asked quite frequently how long the WireGuard integration will be offered for free. I wish there was a simple answer to that question, but the truth is that it will stay free until we are satisfied with our integration or when we run out of resources, at the moment, we use unused resources that has already been paid for. That's how we can keep it free.

WireGuard configuration generator

Our WireGuard conf generator was updated last month with the possibility to download all locations at once and receive either .zip or .conf file(s).

Site update

Responsive layout has been updated with improvements, a temporarily dropdown menu has been added for simpler navigation and guides for WireGuard on macOS and Android has been added.

Warrant Canary

Has been updated and can be found here.