10 Years of AzireVPN

Wow. 10 years. Not a lot of businesses get to say that these days. We cannot express how grateful we are for your continued support over the past decade. The opportunity to provide unwavering private VPN services to customers has been an honor.

Thank you!

Where it all began...

A stack of 10 servers.
The very first batch of servers that started AzireVPN 10 years ago.

AzireVPN - 14 Days FREE!

Starting Monday, October 10th, AzireVPN will be adding 14 days of free VPN usage to all users!

Monthly Payment - If you paid for AzireVPN with a monthly payment, you will receive the 14 days at the end of the regular 30-day period. If your expiry date was October 10th for example, it will now be October 24th.

3/12/24-Month Payments - If you paid for AzireVPN with a long-term package such as 3, 12, or 24-months, you will receive the 14 days at the end of your payment period. If your expiry date was October 31at for example, it will now be November 14th.

Not an AzireVPN User Yet? No Problem!

New Users - If you register a new account BEFORE October 24th, you will also receive 14 Days FREE on top of whatever service length you paid for, as described above.

Don't forget - users who have subscribed to legacy pricing prior to October 24th will be locked into that pricing for life. More details here.

Login, country selection, and connected screens of AzireVPN Windows OS Client
AzireVPN Windows OS Client

AzireVPN History - One Decade Strong

A lot has changed over the past 10 years. AzireVPN has changed a lot too in this time. We now have over 70 servers around the world (all owned by us), clients for all major operating systems, and the most private VPN service on the planet.

AzireVPN Through the Years

All of this is thanks to you. Without your continued support throughout the years none of this would be possible. As we step into the next decade of AzireVPN, we are already looking at expanding our server coverage by 10% in the coming weeks/months.

Photograph of two physical servers in a rack.
Latest server location: Seattle, Washington servers up and running!

What's Next?

We have a lot in store for you in the near future - first up are new servers in Singapore and Helsinki Finland in the coming weeks!

  • 5 New Server Locations in the next coming weeks/months. (Singapore and Finland confirmed!)
  • Changes to the referral program to give better value to users.
  • New client updates.
  • Port Forwarding to WireGuard
  • 2FA on Site and WireGuard

Don't forget - you can earn free time on your AzireVPN account through our referral program!

AzireVPN.com user profile showing, Referral / Update Email / Notification Settings / Downloads
Log in to your account on azirevpn.com and follow the instructions under "Referral"

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