azclient Launch

The wait is over, we can now offer you azclient, our own easy to use VPN client software to connect you to our servers without any hassle. Although some of our clients enjoy configuring their systems manually, there have been many asking us for a custom VPN client designed specifically for our service.

azclient brings you all the features, protocols, ports, and locations that we offer in an easy to install and use GUI for all the major platforms including Windows, macOS and GNU/Linux.

azclient by default works as AzireVPN's official VPN client, but it has been designed to work as a generic OpenVPN client for any given OpenVPN service with only a few changes in the source code. Quite simply, we offer a generic OpenVPN client with a lot of customization options under a GPL license for anyone to use.

With our full source code on Github, we humbly invite you to fork our VPN client and make it yours, and help us by contributing code enhancements or suggestions.

Download and install the official builds of azclient from our Github page or You can also build it on your own machine, azclient is purposely licensed under the GNU General Public License to obviate the red tape involved in getting the required permissions.