Purple Post 1 - September

Okey, it is time to make use of our blog and get our words out to you! So much have happened and we have not really kept you up to date with all the stuff going on from the inside. This will change now with our "Monthly update" concept! You will get a glance at what we working on and what have happened the past month.

SOCKS5 (Multihop)

We now have SOCKS5 servers on all our locations, which you can use freely (no additional cost). You can connect to our SOCKS5 servers from all our OpenVPN servers without any authentication. This is a great way to achieve multihop by connecting to our DC in Stockholm and use the UK SOCKS5 for UK IPs for example.

CA Torontoca.socks.azirevpn.nettcp/1080
ES Malagaes.socks.azirevpn.nettcp/1080
SE Stockholmse.socks.azirevpn.nettcp/1080
UK Londonuk.socks.azirevpn.nettcp/1080
US Miamius.socks.azirevpn.nettcp/1080

Recruit a friend

You can now recruit your friends and gain free time to your account when your friend purchase time. 1 month package will give you 1 week, 3 months package will give you 1 month and 12 months package will give you 3 months. Keep in mind though that you are not allowed to spam your RaF-link. We can (and will) block your RaF-link if you make our service look like all those other spamming services on social media!

You can find more information on our manager under Account -> Referral

US location upgrade

We upgraded our US location with new hardware on the 25th of May. US was our second location and was in need of an upgrade due to high raise of usage. It now uses the same setup as all of our other locations.

New location CA

While overseas, we did a pitstop in Toronto to prepare for a new location there, we always bring a GoPro camera with us as a way to prove to you that we actually do what we say we do. A short video from our trip can be seen below and on our social media, where it was published when we released our new location.

We will continue to bring our camera with us everytime we travel to a new or current location.

Warrant Canary renewal

We will renew our warrant canary in each monthly update from now on. It will be posted on our warrant canary-page and in each blog post.

-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA512 Netbouncer AB declares that, up to this point, no warrants have been served, nor have any searches or seizures taken place at any Netbouncer AB location or involving any Netbouncer AB personnel. Special note should be taken if this text is removed from this page. PGP Validation GPG key id: 8C764B10 Fingerprint: 758C C958 C288 883C 2F81  3B4D 1949 0D48 8C76 4B10 Declared at 2017-09-01, by Linus Larsson - CEO -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- 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 Gi5ImKH7XC1gFWuwmh23 =Uq/W -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----

That's that

So that's it for this monthly update. We are working hard and hopefully we will be able to release a new protocol this month, it is currently being tested by some of our users and it is looking promising! We got some other minor features that will be welcomed as well!