AzireVPN Windows APP 1.5.2 is now out

AzireVPN Windows APP 1.5.2 is now out

Here's some exciting news, we have released the latest AzireVPN Windows client update 1.5.2! The update is designed to enhance your online security and privacy even further with some great new features that we've been working on for a while.

What's new in version 1.5.2?

  1. Extended Kill Switch: The user privacy, as always, is our priority, which is why we're introducing an extended kill switch in our latest update. This feature ensures your IP address remains hidden even if you accidentally disconnect, or simply when you start your computer. No more worrying about IP leaks – you can now enjoy more seamless protection knowing that the Kill Switch is there to protect you.
  2. Auto-Start: Convenience meets security with the new Auto-Start feature. Now, the AzireVPN client will automatically launch when you turn on your computer, guaranteeing protection from the moment you go online. It's a simple feature that we just hadn't gotten around to fixing before, but now it's here to stay!
  3. Auto-Connect: We're also making it easier for the user to stay connected to our network of servers. With Auto-Connect, the AzireVPN client will reconnect to the last VPN server you used as soon as you start the app, keeping your online activities secure without any extra steps. Again, this is just about simplifying the user experience as much as possible!

Get the AzireVPN Windows client update 1.5.2

Ready to experience these new features for yourself? Download the AzireVPN Windows app 1.5.2 here and elevate your online security and privacy today.

We hope that you'll enjoy these new features. As always, please let us know your thoughts, feedback, and any suggestions for further improvements!

Privacy first, no exceptions.

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