Canada servers upgraded to 10G

Canada servers upgraded to 10G

We’re thrilled to announce a significant improvement to our network: our servers in Canada have been upgraded to a 10 Gbps capacity last month. At the moment AzireVPN has two servers in Canada, both of them located in the city of Toronto. This enhancement is a part of our plan of upgrading all AzireVPN servers to 10G in 2024.

How it started

Those of you who have been following AzireVPN for a while, might remember our post from the summer of 2020 when the first 10GbE NICs arrived at our office in Stockholm, Sweden. We prepared almost all servers since 2020 with 10G NIC so that the upgrade would be much faster and easier.

AzireVPN Twitter post from 2020

Since 2020 we have upgraded Helsinki, Finland; Copenhagen, Denmark; Singapore; Stockholm, Sweden and now Toronto, Canada with new 10G servers, replacing the old 1 Gbps servers.

Why upgrade?

Speed is everything when it comes to the VPN experience you get. If you're looking for a improved speed while protecting your digital privacy and accessing geo-restricted content, a VPN server with more bandwidth is the way to go. A 10G server is capable of transmitting and receiving data at up to 10 billion bits per second. It's designed to handle more traffic with less congestion, making it ideal for situations where many users are accessing the server at the same time.

Choosing a 10G server is a great way to boost your connection speed and ensure a smoother online experience. With AzireVPN gaining more users and online data usage increasing, we believe that now is the perfect time to upgrade our entire infrastructure.

What's next?

We currently have 5 global 10G server locations – Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Singapore and Canada. But what comes next?

Our next servers in line for the upgrade are Switzerland with Zürich being planned to be upgraded to 10G already in March. We have updated the server list on our website to include the link speed for each server and will soon also add the planned dates for upgrading each server to 10G.

We hope you're as excited as we are about these upgrades and the enhanced performance they'll bring. Stay tuned!

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