Purple Post 11 - August

Spain, Málaga maintenance

Our planned maintenance in Málaga went as expected with minimal downtime. Our old Cisco switch went to sleep and a brand new Juniper switch is currently running in our Spain location. We also brought with us another dedicated server which is currently offline but it will be turned on in case of failure on our production servers or increase of traffic. It is always good to have backup hardware in place.

We also brought our GoPro camera with us and did some recording of our journey. A video will be published later on when we will have the time to edit the footage. Pending the release, a picture of the maintenance can be found below.


Thanks for all the data centers recommendations, it is amazing that so many people wanted to share their experience with us. We are gonna go through the list and we will start contacting the most promising data centers soon.

Warrant Canary

Our warrant canary has been updated and can be found here.