Purple Post 12 - September

WireGuard beta testing phase

We can now say that the end of our WireGuard beta testing phase is in sight and we are happy with our upcoming changes to how we will handle WireGuard keys and accounts, to prepare for the release of our WireGuard tunnel. These changes will be rolled out in different phases. More details about that will be unveiled in a later post.

Sweden location scheduled downtime

Our Swedish ISP, Obenetwork AB, now has a new data center and we will migrate our hardware to this new facility later this month. We will try to make it as smooth as possible and will utilize our backup hardware to minimize the downtime. We will eventually announce the date in advance on our website and our social network pages.

AzireVPN birthday

AzireVPN is happy to celebrate its sixth anniversary this month! We created this service on the 23rd September 2012 with one mission, being a cutting edge VPN provider on both the offered protocols and on the security. Since then, we continue this mission with pride and that is why we want to release soon amazing prices for a limited time.

Warrant Canary

Our warrant canary has been updated and can be found here.