Purple Post 13 - October

With over 35,000 accumulated peers over all our endpoints, we can conclude that our WireGuard public beta test has been a great success. As an early adopter of this new VPN protocol, we are very happy about the results we got as we mainly wanted to observe its scalability in comparison to OpenVPN. We can say that WireGuard is a very promising tunneling software. Therefore, our beta test is coming to an end today, the 4th October. Our WireGuard tunnel will be included in our paid services along OpenVPN and our proxies.

For technical and management reasons, all the public keys submitted to our service during the public beta test will be removed on Thursday, 1st November. This means that from Friday, 5th October, our paying customers will have to resend their public keys to the API (or run our bash script again) to avoid any downtime. It is also possible to generate a new keys pair directly on our WireGuard configuration generator, in a Linux console.

Update about our Sweden location scheduled downtime

We are currently waiting for our Swedish Internet service provider to get their second optical fiber connection to their new data center for redundancy purposes. Then, we will start the migration of our hardware to our new rack in this brand new data center, which follows newer industrial norms and has better cooling. All good for our flagship location.

Warrant Canary

Our warrant canary has been updated and can be found here.