Purple Post 16 - February

WireGuard new opportunity

The WireGuard wg-dynamic sub-project is beginning to take shape. This extension opens up the possibility of pushing public IP addresses when a peer connects to a WireGuard endpoint, like it is currently possible on OpenVPN.

This could lead to new considerations for the current brainstorming about changes in our current plans, as this could help us to better curb the IP addresses scarcity while keeping fair prices and freedom of choosing between shared or public IP addresses for everyone.

macOS users

WireGuard is now available on the App Store and comes with an easy to use native graphical interface. We recommend to our macOS users to try it out! Please note that this new client is only available on macOS version 10.14 and above. You can find the guide here.

United Kingdom location welcomes a new network upstream provider

A maintenance was performed on our London, United Kingdom location on the 14th of February, to switch to another upstream Internet Service Provider.

Our new provider, Blix Solutions, now provides Internet connectivity to our servers at this location. However, this should be totally transparent for our users, as our IP addresses did not change at all. You might now expect better diversity and optimization in network paths, which means better latencies for your network activities.

Oslo, Norway new location update

We were postponing our blog post in hope of getting our new location in Oslo, Norway up and running but it has unfortunately been delayed a bit.

We have currently no date set but we will travel there as soon as possible to install the hardware. The announce will be made on our social networks as soon as the servers are up and ready.

Amsterdam, Netherlands also on its way

Finally, we are glad to announce that our next location will be Amsterdam, Netherlands. Our choice for the planned network upstream provider is also Blix for this new location. The deployment is planned to be carried out after the installation of our servers in Oslo, Norway.

Warrant Canary

Our warrant canary has been updated and can be found here.