Purple Post 17 - March

Donation to WireGuard

On February, we donated to the WireGuard project in order to help and accelerate the development of wg-dynamic, a tool which will allow us to assign public IP addresses when a peer connects to one of our WireGuard endpoints, like it is currently possible on OpenVPN. As a result, this will further narrow the difference between both VPN protocols.

It is worth noting that an upcoming official Windows WireGuard client is in development and that we will support it at the moment it is officially released.

Minor tweaks to the website

We wanted to enlighten the existence of our easy to use and open source client, azclient. We created a dedicated page that can be found directly in the header menu of our website.

azclient is available on every major desktop platform such as Windows, macOS and Linux. It permits an easy and quick connection to our OpenVPN endpoints using a username and a password without the hassle to install a native client and download and importing configuration files yourself.

Moreover, our users can keep peace of mind while using this client as its source code is open for everyone to review it and submit improvements. It also means that our experienced users can compile it themselves if they wish to.

Other changes include an improved layout of the blog to help our users to better browse posts and improvements for a better clarity of the articles.

Warrant Canary

Our warrant canary has been updated and can be found here.