Purple Post 18 - May

New location in Oslo, Norway

We are happy to announce the opening of a new location in Oslo, Norway. Norway is a great choice of location as this country is not a member of the European Union. Therefore, it is a very interesting place for our European users who are highly concerned about their privacy.

As with other locations, we did not lease servers, or even worse, rented virtual servers. We bought servers and switches, then some members of AzireVPN's staff traveled abroad to install the hardware themselves ensuring a complete mastering of the procedure for security and quality reasons, without any involved third party.

This new location is deployed using shared IP addresses, meaning that no public or static IPv4 or IPv6 address will be available yet. It is the first location featuring Shared IPv6 addresses and we welcome everyone to try it out!

We use the network upstream services of Obenetwork AB (197595) and hosting services of Obehosting AB, which are the same companies hosting and connecting our flagship servers in Stockholm, Sweden to the Internet.

This location features, as other locations, OpenVPN and WireGuard VPN tunnels.

Future of our IP addresses modes

Following our donation to the WireGuard project to accelerate the development of the wg-dynamic module, as stated in our previous blog posts, we plan to configure all our locations to dynamically assign either a pair of shared or public IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, on both WireGuard and OpenVPN.

Actually, our locations always feature either a Public (OpenVPN) or a Static (WireGuard) IPv6 address, even in Shared (NAT) IP addresses mode, which might be a concern for our most privacy focused users.

As we expressed, this project allows us to keep a fair price on our plans, without the need to raise them, while ensuring enough IPv4 addresses for our users interested in using public IP addresses.

The end of monthly blog posts

This was the last monthly blog post, however, this is not the end of the blog! At AzireVPN, we value quality over quantity, as such, delays sometimes arise. We do not want to launch new services or locations in a rush. We always do extensive tests to ensure that the service or location is usable at launch and that we should not have to fix it later.

We therefore thought that it is better to announce new releases into dedicated blog posts which can be posted anytime we are ready to announce them.

Finally, regarding the monthly transparency reports, we will soon launch a new dedicated page where it will be possible to check it up at any time, along with past data.

Warrant Canary

Our warrant canary has been updated and can be found here.