Purple Post 5 - January

Back-end updated

Our back-end changes has been running smoothly almost whole December. These changes was well needed and will make it faster for us to develop new functions in the future.

Changing internet provider in UK

In late January we are planning to change Internet provider in London, UK. The new provider in London is Obenetwork, which is the same provider we are using in Sweden also. In the same time we will upgrade our switch to a new Juniper EX4300. We have always been working close with our Internet provider here in Sweden and are happy to continue pushing your traffic in their network.

WireGuard config generator

We developed a configuration generator for WireGuard which went live on 4th Dec. Feel free to create custom configurations for your Android phone in seconds here.

WireGuard enhancements

We have worked hard in December to improve how key handling are done in our back-end. With our new logic, that will be rolled out in January, we are forced to remove all old keys. This means you will have to re-run the azirevpn-wg.sh script again or use our configuration generator to fetch a new config. The time when this is planned to happen will be announced in our blog and social media.

Warrant Canary

Has been updated and can be found here.