Purple Post 3 - November

Remove your email functionality

We have added "Remove your e-mail"-functionality for users that registered with an e-mail before we made e-mail optional.

We are also looking into what kind of information that is required to use our service, should we generate a random username or let our users choose themselves?

This is something we are discussing internally at the moment and will let you know later which way we'll be taking.

US location updated

Our US location received our NAT / Public IP update last week. More information about the NAT / Public IP update can be found here.

We also went live with WireGuard servers in US and was automatically added to our WireGuard script.

Our Canada, Toronto location will be updated as well ASAP. Scheduled this week but no guarantees.

Working on a new API

Still work in progress but you may use or implement your features with this new API. We do not expect to do any more changes to the urls listed below.

Warrant Canary changes

We are moving our Warrant Canary to our API and it can now be found here. We will continue to update it every month.