Purple Post 2 - October

We went live with a beta of the WireGuard protocol last month and has received great response from you guys. We are really excited about this protocol and will continue to work on implementing it in our ECO system.

We will fire up WG servers on all of our locations this month. Keep in mind that it is still being in beta phase which means that things will continue to change and get improved.

Navigate to our WireGuard page if you are interested in reading more about WireGuard and set it up on our system by following our simple guides. Special thanks to Jason himself, the man behind WireGuard for developing a bash script to our users which makes connecting to our service even more easy.

Blog feed

Some of you requested more ways to get notified about public announcements.

We now have a RSS feed for our blog!

NAT / Public IP change

We did a major change to our infrastructure to help users that are not that keen on firewall settings. All of our configurations files generated before the change now use NAT. You can still get Public IP configuration files by generating a new one here and our client received the update automatically so you do not have to update anything, just select Public IP in the protocol-list.

You can read more about the NAT / Public IP change here.

  • Still running the OpenVPN GUI? Download our own open-sourced client here and receive service updates instantly.

Warrant canary


Hash: SHA512 Netbouncer AB declares that, up to this point, no warrants have been served, nor have any searches or seizures taken place at any Netbouncer AB location or involving any Netbouncer AB personnel. Special note should be taken if this text is removed from this page. PGP Validation GPG key id: 8C764B10 Fingerprint: 758C C958 C288 883C 2F81  3B4D 1949 0D48 8C76 4B10 Declared at 2017-10-01, by Linus Larsson - CEO

-----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- 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 SVhcjH01HxrZbDROrx8W =j0lx -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----