Purple Post 7 - March

Token authentication

We have implemented token based authentication which you can use to connect to our service in azclient / OpenVPN / WireGuard.

Navigate to https://www.azirevpn.com/manager/account/token and generate a token for your account.

API request with token authenticationcurl --data-urlencode token=REPLACE --data-urlencode pubkey=REPLACE https://api.azirevpn.com/v1/wireguard/connect/se1 { "status": "success", "data": { "DNS": ", 2a03:8600:1001::2", "Address": ", 2a03:8600:1001:1080::10b4/64", "PublicKey": "bdR5gm5vcrm9N9I7BeQqHOgrmQApSGIe9qc1homBjk8=", "Endpoint": "" } }

azclient update

We are working on implementing token based authentication to our azclient which will make it even simpler to use! You will only need to enter your username and password once and the client will authenticate to our service with the token until you decide to reset the client

The client will remember your token when you start the client after an reboot and all you have to do is review the options and click on the connect button, simple right?

New IP range in Miami, United States

We were forced to change IP ranges in US1 location due to some abuse. The new IP range should be fully white listed everywhere.

The change took place today and was completed in just a few minutes. Please note that you need to download a new configuration file for US1 WireGuard.

Warrant Canary

Has been updated and can be found here.